Sweet Cherry was the first Limeade flavour that Calypso created as cherry and lime compliment each other so well. A sweet and tangy refreshment perfect for sunny days.

Coming in a 473ml glass bottle with real lime bits, we recommend keeping it refrigerated until it's ready to be enjoyed (and it really will be enjoyed, these are awesome!)

You don't often see Glass Calypso bottles around so we just couldn't resist getting in this Calypso range for all our customers to enjoy.

One of Calypso's most unique flavours! Shake well before use to mix those real lime bits in!


  • Traditional Calypso Glass Bottle
  • 473ml of Traditional Island Refreshment
  • Sweet & Tangy
  • Great Mixer for Cocktails
  • Contains Real Lime Bits
  • Only £2.99

Ingredients: Filtered Water, Sugar, Fresh Lime Juice, Cherry Juice Concentrate, Lime Juice Concentrate, Citric Acid, Lime Fruit Pulp, Natural Flavours, Acacia, Gum Rosin, Natural Fruit & Vegetable Colour

Calypso Taste Of The Islands - Sweet Cherry Limeade 473ml Drink Bottle