Yep, this is a thing.

These cutesy ceramic unicorn mugs are available in 4 designs, if you have a favourite design just let us know in the comments section of your order and we'll get your favourite out to you*

Anyway, here are some REAL TRUE FACTUAL** facts about Unicorns:-

  • Unicorns are earthbound and do not have wings.
  • If a Unicorn and a Pegasus mate, the babies may become flying Unicorns.
  • Unicorn horns were used in pharmacies in the 1700’s. (Get 'em PETA)
  • An underwater creature called a Narwhal, looks like a Unicorn horn.
  • When two unicorn families meet, they express great joy and travel together for weeks.
  • Unicorns live in groups of four or five.
  • A Unicorn is mentioned in many of the Asian and European myths.
  • According to the Jewish legend, the Unicorn can easily kill an elephant.


  • Height: 100mm
  • Diameter: 80mm

*Depending on stock levels

**Not true, not real, not factual.

Ceramic Unicorn Mugs 4 Designs