This DJ tray from Ooze is the ideal product to roll your Loud on. It's a rad accessory to have and will brighten up anyone's coffee table. You're bound to get some compliments on this tray from your stoner pals.

The tray has a colourfast finish so the design will remain bright and colourful for years to come. The edges are curved which means nothing is going to get stuck in any corners, plus it allows for super easy cleaning. Keep all your rolling stuff together in one place and reduce mess with this metal tray.

We really want to know what kind of beats this dude plays. Maybe some Alien D&B? Whatever it is we bet it's some spaced out sh*t!


  • Alien DJ Design
  • Ooze Logo
  • Curved Edges 
  • Easy To Clean
  • Super Durable
  • Reduces Mess When Rolling


  • Length: 195mm
  • Width: 255mm
  • Height: ~30mm

Ooze DJ Medium Standard Size Rolling Tray US Import