Get a taste of the fine city of Amsterdam, mailed straight to your door!

After a staff member at one of The Bulldog Amsterdam's many world famous coffeeshops thought it might be a good idea to have their very own iced coffee available in their coffeeshops, testing began and once the finest blend was found this refreshing Bulldog Amsterdam Blend was made available in all of their coffeeshops.

After amazing feedback from customers The Bulldog decided to release this iced coffee drink in many other countries, England, Cyprus, Italy, Czech Republic, and Chile; the rest is history.

The Bulldog Iced Coffee is actually intended to relax the consumer. The coffee beans are just exceptional, the taste explosion from Carmen's coffee beans are immense, and with just a touch of low-fat cacao added to the mix, this is an iced coffee with an edge.

We've been stocking this scrumptious beverage for the last 4 - 5 years, our customers love it, and we do too. It's certainly stood the test of time!

  • Official The Bulldog Coffeeshop Iced Coffee
  • 250ml Can
  • Made with Carmen's Coffee Beans
  • Straight Outta' Amsterdam

Ingredients: Iced Coffee drink with soluble real coffee, whole milk, sugar and low-fat cacao, heat treated (sterilized). One can contains 130mg caffeeine, compare to 2 cups of coffee (150ml each). Milk, permeate from skinned milk, whole milk (35%), water, sugar, soluble real coffee (1.4%), low-fat cacao. Stabiliser:  sodium carbonate. Gluten free. After opening keep refridgerated and consume with a few days. shake gently before opening. See bottom of can upon receiving for best before date.

The Bulldog Amsterdam Iced Coffee Coffeeshop Can Drink 250ml